Promoting and supporting voluntary activity across South Northamptonshire



Volunteering is the most basic act of goodwill.

Voluntary work should be fun…which means you, the volunteer, should get as much out of volunteering, as the people you are helping.

Volunteering is something that everyone can do…

  • Whatever your interests, wherever you live, whether you have a lot of time or a little.
  • If you want to change the world, your street or your CV.
  • If you want to make friends, feel useful, put something back or gain a skill.
  • Whether you’re young or old, male or female, employed or unemployed, disabled or able bodied.
  • No matter what your ethnicity, faith, sexual orientation or culture.

Search for volunteering opportunities now!

There are many different types of volunteering opportunity in the area.  Volunteers get everywhere…

  • health,
  • education,
  • social services,
  • youth,
  • sports and recreation,
  • environment,
  • culture and arts and
  • the local community.

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