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Employee Volunteering

An increasing proportion of Britain’s 22 million volunteers are supported by their employer, either in work time or outside of work hours. This is known as employee volunteering.

Employee volunteering is a three-way partnership between the employer, employee and the receiver of the volunteers (e.g. a community group, school, hospital, local football team etc). For each party there are clear benefits in getting involved.

Benefits for the employer:

  • Demonstrates commitment to building healthy communities
  • Develops skills and morale in the workforce
  • Improves image and can help reinforce brand loyalty

Benefits for the employee:

  • Offers the satisfaction of ‘giving back’ to society
  • Develops new skills and enhances existing ones
  • Is fun and can offer a welcome break from the daily work routine!

Benefits for the volunteer-involving organisation and the community:

  • Increases the supply of volunteers with valuable new skills and energies
  • Builds important partnerships with business and the public sector
  • Helps to break down barriers between different sections of society

What next?

Whether your organisation is from the local public, private, voluntary or community sectors: find out more about employee volunteering by contacting us.

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