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snvb Community Larders

Established in January 2021, snvb Community Larders is a community larder network that partners with local supermarkets, businesses and food surplus providers to distribute affordable food throughout the community and reduce food waste.

Funding for our store cupboard food has been provided through the Household Support Fund (funded by West Northamptonshire Council and Northants Community Foundation) and is to help people struggling with the rising cost of living. If your main reason for using the larder is to save food from waste, we encourage you to use your points on chilled, frozen, perishable and short-dated items.

We also have a hardship fund, funded from public donations. Please get in touch confidentially if we can help.

Have you been affected by the rising cost of living? Would you like your food budget to stretch further? Do you also want to help save food from waste? Then please come along to one of our sessions in Towcester or Roade to see what we do.

Our sessions are:

  • ROADE:
    Mondays (1.30pm – 2.15pm)
    at Roade Village Hall, Bailey Brooks Lane, Roade NN7 2LS
    Wednesdays 4.15pm to 7.00pmThursdays 10.00am to 11.15amat The Riverside Centre on Islington Road, Towcester, NN12 6AU

DELIVERIES are available in certain areas for people with restricted mobility.

For “up-to-the-minute” information, go to our Facebook page for Towcester…  or our Facebook page for Roade…

How do we differ from the Community Fridge and the Foodbank?

Community Larders

A membership programme that provides access to surplus groceries (store cupboard items and fruit and vegetables) at heavily discounted rates. Subscription to SOFEA, an organisation that works closely with FareShare to distribute surplus food, ensures we have ample provisions for all members.

We deliver to people / families unable to attend for mobility reasons.

Towcester Community Fridge

FREE to everyone, with short-dated food surplus being rescued from local supermarkets and businesses and distributed during regular drop-in sessions. The amount and type of food varies from day to day with each session operating until all the perishable food is distributed.

Open Mondays, Wednesdays (10am) and Fridays (4pm)

Towcester Foodbank

Emergency food to people in crisis. Please call 07724 832043 for more information or see a member of the Community Fridge team to get a referral.

Drop in to a session and see what we are all about!

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