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31 August 2021

West Northamptonshire Poverty Truth Commission (PTC) – Poverty Truth Survey

It has been decided that a principal focus of the PTC is to gain Lived Experienced Stories from Individuals within West Northamptonshire on the subject of Poverty.

Please take a look at the FIRST 2 stories of both Florence and Raymond at

Because it can be quite difficult in the first instance for individuals to come forward and tell these stories, it was felt that a Survey should be issued which allows people to answer some very important questions on the subject of Poverty without committing themselves to being in front of a camera, unless they really want to. The survey also allows the Commission to gain some interesting insights into people’s views on the subject.

The survey can be taken here…

If Community  Workers, Advocates etc know people or communities who might be interested in completing this survey, they should be encouraged to do so.

The more impetus we bring to the subject the better, particularly as West Northamptonshire Council embark on their Anti-Poverty Strategy.

Your co-operation in advance is appreciated.  Voluntary Impact Northampton will collate and feed through the responses.

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