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16 November 2020

West Northamptonshire Council Local Council Tax Reduction Scheme – Consultation

It is important that local people are aware of this consultation.  The new Unitary Authority will create many changes for the people of South Northamptonshire and it is made clear in the preamble to this consultation that…

……. this proposal will see greater support given to working age claimants in Northampton Borough and less support given to working age claimants in South Northants and Daventry districts compared to current levels of support.

The Local Council Tax Reduction Scheme (sometimes known as Council Tax Support) helps people on low income pay their Council Tax.Those of pensioner age are protected by the prescribed regulations set out by central government.

Local Council Tax Reduction Schemes (LCTRS) were introduced from April 2013 when Council Tax Benefit was abolished and replaced by locally agreed schemes.

By law, Councils are required to have a scheme to help people on low incomes to pay their Council Tax. Each year Councils needs to approve a LCTRS for the following 12 months. Where there are changes proposed, it is necessary for a public consultation to take place.

On 1st April 2021 there will be a new council called West Northamptonshire, replacing the County Council, Northampton Borough Council, Daventry District Council and South Northamptonshire Council.

Currently in Northamptonshire, each District or Borough Council has a different LCTRS that give different levels of Council Tax Support for working age people. The introduction of the new unitary Council means that the current LCTRS will cease and a new scheme will need to be agreed.

From April 2021 we want the new West Northamptonshire Council to have LCTRS, which is affordable, consistent and fair to all our residents, wherever they live.

The four existing Councils have been working together on draft proposals for a new West Northamptonshire Council. The proposals contained in this consultation apply to people of working age who are on low income and currently reside in Daventry District, Northampton Borough or South Northants District council areas.

We are keen to ensure that all Council Taxpayers are aware of the changes being proposed.

We want the views of our residents and other stakeholders on the scheme that is being proposed for the new council.

Read the full details and complete the consultation here…




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