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3 July 2018

The Wessex Youth Trust

Funding for Small Charities to Support Children and Young People

This Trust has a small amount of money that it offers twice a year to small UK registered charities that find it difficult to raise money.

The Trust has a small amount of funding that it awards in grants to support charitable projects which provide opportunities to help, support and advance children and young people up to the age of 21 years in the UK.

The funding, there is no set grant limit, is used where the donations ‘make an enormous difference’ with a focus on helping ‘help those charities who are very rarely in the spotlight, either because they are too small or simply do not have the money or expertise to market themselves’.

Preference is given to pump-priming projects for development and more extensive fundraising initiatives. Specific project funding requests are preferred to more general pot-filling.

UK registered charities and self-help organisation which provide opportunities specifically for children and young people may apply.

These charities represent a huge cross-section of different youth-orientated causes and needs: from hospices, hospital beds and incubators to holiday clubs, sports organisations and outreach programmes; from inner city drop-in centres, child protection training and helplines to drug prevention schemes and sex education; from deaf, blind and speech impaired support groups and special needs libraries, to theatre, dance and music-related groups.

The deadline for applications is 1 November 2018.

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