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4 October 2021

The Rowing Foundation

The Rowing Foundation offers grants to help organisations who are involved in the promotion of rowing in under 18’s, or those with disabilities of all ages.

Organisations reaching out for support from the Foundation can apply for grants of between £500 and £3,000, with a preference from The Rowing Foundation of the grant making up, up to 50% of the overall project costs.

Sports clubs, charities, community groups and schools are all able to apply for a grant, however in order to be eligible for a grant the applicant must be affiliated to British Rowing.

Those applying must demonstrate how they intend to complete the project in full, and the grant applied for is distributed to support rowing only, not an umbrella of ‘outdoor sports’.

Applications are accepted on a quarterly basis and the dates of the application deadlines can be found on the website.

Applications can be completed and submitted online using the form on the Foundation’s website. The charity advices that around half of applicants are rejected straight away because they have not provided sufficient information. With this in mind, those applying should take care to ensure adequate information is supplied in the initial application form in order to be considered.

For more information visit the Rowing Foundation website.

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