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22 October 2019

The National Lottery Community Fund Update from Rob Tracey CEO snvb

Over the last 18 months there have been significant changes made by this funder in relation to the process to be followed for applications to the Reaching Communities Fund for grants in excess of £10,000.

Last week we had a very positive meeting with Matt Cox who is the Funding Officer for Daventry, South Northants and South Warwickshire.

We discussed the latest approach which is designed to be much easier and less formal for organisations wishing to apply for a Reaching Communities grant. The previously onerous Stage 1 application form has been abandoned and the new process is much less work and far less time consuming.

Organisations can simply telephone a central number (0345 4 10 20 30) to discuss their idea, or contact Matt Cox directly ( email  phone 07919 306275 ). This discussion is at an easy level designed to obtain an indication of the merits of the project and whether it is something that The Fund may wish to fund.

The Fund’s website is very helpful outlining the process, and they suggest that the following 6 questions should be thought through before making this first contact ;

  1. What you want to do and why?
  2. What difference do you think your idea will make?
  3. How are people and communities involved with your project?
  4. What is the background of your organisation?
  5. How much money do you need from us and for how long?
  6. How does your idea fit in with other local activities?

Following this first contact organisations may be asked to submit a full proposal if the Funding Officer together with a panel of representatives from the Midlands regional funding team thinks the project is one that they may wish to fund. Organisations at this point will be sent guidance on how to put a full proposal together.

So we are highlighting this far easier first process because we know from our conversations with organisations locally that they may have been “put-off“ from applying because it was too much work.

We recommend that a visit to the website is well worthwhile, and hope that more applications are made from South Northamptonshire based organisations.

For more information and advice on fundraising in general, contact our qualified funding advisor.

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