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8 May 2018

Sport England’s Community Asset Fund Remains Open for Applications

Funding remains available for organisations that want to enhance spaces in their local communities for the benefit of local people.

The Community Asset Fund was launched in January 2017 to support Sport England’s strategy ‘Towards an Active Nation’.

According to Sport England, this investment is intended to help local organisations ‘create good customer experiences and financially sustainable facilities that benefit their community for years to come’. Sport England is looking to invest in projects that look beyond helping get people into sport and active to projects that change lives and become a force for good.

Community organisations, clubs, statutory bodies and educational establishments can apply for investments of up to £150,000 for projects which create or improve opportunities to play sport and get active in local communities. The grants do not have to be used for a traditional space or traditional sport. Examples of eligible project locations include: canal towpaths, woodlands and open spaces with the potential to be used and enjoyed as part of an active lifestyle.

There are three levels of grant investment:

  • Small Scale Investments (£1,000 and £15,000) – to cover the cost of emergency works due to something like storm or flood damage, or something totally unexpected that is stopping people from being able to stay active right now.
  • Medium Scale Investments (£15,000 and 50,000) – to make more substantial changes. This might be an upgrade to an existing facility or developing a new space in the community.
  • Large Scale Investments (£50,000 and £150,000) – for projects which can demonstrate a considerable impact or are targeting under-represented groups.

Examples of eligible activity include:

  • Taking over an underused sports facility or one under threat of closure. Applicants might need support to bring a building back into use or need to make improvements to a recreational space.
  • Expanding or improving the sporting experience applicants already offer to their customers. Applicants could be looking to improve a changing room or install new toilets, heating systems or social spaces.
  • Responding to an emergency or unexpected event that is stopping people from being active. Applicants might need to fix a roof that’s been damaged or repair an area after flood damage.
  • Making improvements to a building or open space that’s clearly needed in the local community.

Applications continue to be accepted at any time.

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