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6 November 2018

South Northamptonshire Wellbeing Map

South Northamptonshire Council has recently introduced a new directory of various activities available in the district.  It has a friendly map interface as well as allowing you to search by postcode etc.

The map will help you to find activities throughout the district that can help you to get:

  • active (green flag)
  • learning (red flag)
  • connected (black flag)
  • creative (pink flag)

All of the featured activities are offered at £5.00 per hour or less and are currently welcoming new joiners. The easy to navigate map will help you find an activity based on the above categories or by location. You may be surprised at the diversity of affordable activities on offer!

So if you have been wondering where to find a new group activity such as a gardening club, dementia café, yoga, youth theatre, writers’ group or photography club you can find an activity near you here.

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