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7 December 2020

Secure, fast, auditable, online reimbursement of volunteer expenses

vHelp is the handy app that helps organisations make quick, secure and low-cost transfers to reimburse volunteers’ expenses.

The easy-to-use system is designed to save charities and community groups time and money. vHelp spoke to 30 charities and found it cost them as much as £18 in administration costs to process a single £6 expense claim.

Using the vHelp Expenses app, this cost falls to less than £1. vHelp Expenses also provides a complete audit trail and links with accounting software, making it easier to monitor amounts and types of expenses. Speedy repayment means that volunteers are not left out of pocket for long periods of time.

Charities and voluntary groups that sign up to vHelp Expenses before 1 January 2021 will access the app for free, for an initial two-month trial.

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