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22 January 2018

Scott Bader Trust Inviting Applications for UK and International Charitable Projects

Grants are available to registered charities for projects benefitting UK and international needs.

Scott Bader, the global chemical company, provides funds for charitable projects in the UK and internationally through three different programmes.

The charity awards funds in the following:

  • Large Project Funding – grants of up to £25,000. Between two and four large community based environmental or education projects that benefit young or disadvantaged people, anywhere in the world, will be funded.
  • Small International Fund – grants of between £500 and £2,000 for international projects located in the world. Applicants must be UK registered charities.
  • Local Funds – small grants available only to companies within the Scott Bader Group. Each grant supports the work of associated charities, or those situated nearby.

Overseas projects will only be considered from charities that are registered in the UK, or are already known to the Trust.

There are no deadlines for the Small and Local Funds. The deadline for Large Projects is 9 February 2018.

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