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7 May 2019

Satellite Club Funding (Sport)

Satellite Clubs are outposts of existing community sports clubs, which are based on school or college sites or within communities. They have helped us to get more young people playing sport and to make the transition into community sport across the county.

Lottery Funded through Sport England, we’ve had some great success stories since the programme began in 2013 in a whole hosts of sports and we are looking to ensure we can sustain these for the future.

Beyond September 2017, Sport England’s Satellite Club programme is changing the approach to the way that Satellite Clubs are supported. We will continue to focus on changing young people’s sporting behaviour from being irregularly active to becoming consistently active, helping to create a lifelong sporting habit. However, there will be a focus on the following delivery areas:

  • Women and girls
  • Young people with limiting disabilities
  • Young people from selected communities.

We will design clubs with young people at the heart of planning. We will take into account their barriers, motivations and attitudes to sport and physical activity.


We can support your club in setting up a satellite club by supporting with funding to :

  • Purchase a set of start up equipment needed to run the club at the new site
  • Pay the coaches time for a period of at least 10 weeks to help get the project launched
  • Fund a Sporting Champion to come and visit the club and help with the launch of the club.
  • Fund the venue hire associated with starting up the club for at least 10 weeks to help the club become sustainable
  • Fund coaching/leadership qualifications to enable the club to deliver in more location.
  • Fund the marketing and promotional material for the new sessions

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