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13 May 2019

Online giving in the UK increases 5.5% in 2018

The Charitable Giving Report 2018, the latest free-to-download eBook from non-profit’s cloud technology partner Blackbaud Europe, has found that online giving to UK non-profit organisations increased 5.5% in 2018.

The research found that overall giving in the UK declined by 4.2% compared to the previous year. But online giving continued to grow as a percentage of overall donations made despite the difficult giving environment.

The report, now in its seventh year, analysed the giving data from over 9,000 non-profit organisations globally, including 311 UK-based non-profit organisations with combined charitable contributions of over £370 million. Alongside UK data, the report analyses giving data from organisations in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand to build a view of global giving trends.

Informing decision-making

The report also found that 24% of all online donations globally were made using mobile devices, continuing a five-year trend in the growth of giving through mobile devices. The findings indicate that organisations without mobile-friendly websites, donation forms or email functionality may begin to find themselves at a distinct disadvantage in an increasingly competitive giving landscape.

Across all sectors of the social good space, December remains the biggest month of the year for fundraising with 17% of all giving taking place. June, with 9.7% of all giving, is the second biggest month of the year.

Speaking on release of the eBook, Dan Keyworth, Blackbaud International Market’s Director of Customer Engagement, said: “Changing economic conditions, natural disasters and other factors outside of charities control mean that making informed fundraising decisions based on donor behaviours can be difficult.

“That’s why the Index of Charitable Giving was created in 2010. The Charitable Giving Report is created annually using this data. And we’re pleased to be able to provide more insight into the trends that shaped last year’s giving around the globe, and what this means for the UK social good sector in particular.”

Go here to read the full ‘Charitable Giving Report 2018’

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