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11 May 2020

Nuffield Foundation Launches New Strategic Fund Application Round

Funding available to universities, research institutes, think tanks and voluntary organisations in the UK to support multidisciplinary projects with the potential for lasting and significant impact.

The Strategic Fund is part of the Nuffield Foundation’s ambition to increase the scale, scope and influence of the research projects they fund, and to engage with a broader range of applicants.

The Strategic Fund is additional to the Foundation’s regular research grants in Education, Welfare and Justice, and they expect Strategic Fund projects to be of a scale and scope not normally funded through their standard process.

Strategic Fund projects should bring a wide ranging, interdisciplinary approach to addressing the questions and issues they examine. They must be connected in some way to the Foundation’s three core domains (education, welfare, and justice) and it is likely that they will cut across more than one of these three areas or extend beyond them, engaging with other social policy areas. Proposed projects must be directly concerned with UK issues and society, although international comparisons are welcomed.

Given their ambition and scope, the Foundation expects each project to comprise mixed method approaches, including:

  • Evidence reviews and synthesis
  • Data collection and/or analysis
  • Comparison or controlled trials or evaluations
  • Research translation
  • Developmental projects.

Applications are sought from research communities including:

  • Universities
  • Research institutes
  • Think tanks
  • Voluntary organisations.

Applicants must be based in the UK, however applications from UK-based organisations to carry out collaborative projects involving overseas partners (and/or exploiting data relating to other countries) will be considered.

A total of £15 million is available for this programme to support projects between 2020 and 2022.

Strategic Fund grants are expected to be in the range of £1 million to £3 million (although there is no fixed lower or upper limit) for projects between two and five years in duration.

Applications must be submitted by the deadline of 29 June 2020.

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