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10 May 2021

New Funding to Support Armed Forces in Acute Hospital Settings

Grants for hospitals in the UK for projects that would focus on improving support to veterans who are receiving treatment as an inpatient within their hospital.

The funding will support a small number of projects that pilot better ways of supporting veterans and their families when they are in a hospital setting. The funding is for innovative projects within hospitals that could lead to significant change in how members of the Armed Forces community are documented, supported and have their care co-ordinated within acute hospital settings.

To be eligible for this funding, applicants must be a:

  • Veteran Aware NHS hospital in England that is a member or aspirant member of the Veterans’ Covenant Healthcare Alliance (VCHA) at time of application, or
  • Hospital in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland that can show support of the aims of the Veterans’ Covenant Healthcare Alliance.

Applications can only be made by hospitals which can show that they have already worked with others to improve support for veterans who access their services.

Grants of up to £120,000 for two-year projects are available.

The funding could cover the following costs:

  • FTE or part time staff post to deliver the project.
  • Line management costs to deliver the project.
  • A modest communications budget for materials such as leaflets for veterans, or pop-up display banners.
  • Training materials for staff training and awareness raising

Priority will be given to projects in hospitals that are likely to receive higher numbers of veterans (and other members of the Armed Forces community) for treatment or serve a particularly high number in terms of age range or service background. All successful projects will have to demonstrate clear and realistic sustainability plans.

The deadline for applications is midday on 4 June 2021.

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