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4 January 2018

Neighbourhood Planning Grants and Support Programme 2015-2018

The Department for Communities and Local Development (DCLG)’s £22.5 million Neighbourhood Planning Grants and Support Programme (2015-2018) was set up to help communities develop a neighbourhood plan or a neighbourhood development order. It follows on from the Government’s £9.5 million Supporting Communities in Neighbourhood Planning programme (2013-2015).

The programme aims to support local communities that are drawing up a neighbourhood plan for their area. Neighbourhood planning was introduced in England by the Localism Act 2011 to give people a chance to decide how their local area should be developed and what should be built in the future. Groups will be able to determine where they want new homes, shops and offices to be built and have a say on what new buildings should look like.

The programme offers both funding in the form of a grant as well as technical support for those with more complex issues.

The programme is delivered by Locality, a national network of community-led organisations, who will also be assessing applications.

This is the final year of the programme and two updates have been made:

  • Modifying the plan after it has come into force:
    • Groups can now apply for funding to modify their plan, irrespective of whether they have already claimed their full grant allocation of £9,000 (or £15,000 for a priority group).
  • Groups undertaking site assessments and housing site allocations:
    • Groups who are undertaking a site assessment for a site allocation, OR groups who are allocating sites for housing or mixed development can now be considered complex – allowing them to apply for additional support for complex groups (technical support and grants of up to £15,000).

Applications can be submitted until 31 January 2018. Expenditure through a grant must be completed within six months or before 31 March 2018, whichever falls sooner.

From February 2018 it is anticipated that groups will be able to apply for grants for the next financial year (after 1 April 2018) under the new post-2018 support programme.

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