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25 July 2022

National Lottery Community Fund Now Offering Large Climate Grants

Funding for community-led partnerships which will have a positive impact on climate change in the UK.

The next round of the 10-year, £100 million Climate Action Fund is now open for applications from projects which focus on the link between climate and nature and bring other social and economic benefits to local communities.

Applications will be considered from community-led partnerships that are made up of a mix of organisations from different sectors, either locally or UK-wide partnerships delivered across at least two UK countries. The lead applicant which speaks on behalf of the partnership should be non-profit.

There is an £8 million funding pot, with grants of up to £1.5 million over two to five years on offer. It is expected that most awards will be in the region of £300,000 to £500,000.

Development grants of £50,000 to £150,000 over 12 to 18 months are also available.

Activities could involve bringing communities together to:

  • Make new, better quality and more accessible natural spaces. For example, where the natural environment has been replaced by human activity in urban areas.
  • Encourage environmental awareness by increasing outdoor learning opportunities.
  • Use nature to address growing climate problems like the rising temperature or risk of flooding in urban areas.
  • Use stories or creative approaches to engage communities with the climate challenge through nature.
  • Explore systems of producing food that are less damaging to nature, more self-sufficient, or that shorten distance we transport food.

Given the focus on increasing participation with climate action and supporting lifestyle and behavioural change, the expectation is that most of the funding will go towards revenue costs.

The programme is open on a rolling basis.

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