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22 April 2020

MyMusic Northamptonshire – opportunities for female Carers move online

We have recently received the message below from Northamptonshire Carers.

I hope you are managing to keep well in the lockdown. I just wanted to let you know about the online music content that Northamptonshire Carers are starting to share for female Carers as part of MyMusic Northamptonshire’s programme. There’s a bit of info below about how it’s going to work, and how Carers can get involved if they’re interested. If you could share this information with anyone who might benefit, it’d be greatly appreciated! Hopefully it’ll bring a bit of positivity in an otherwise very tricky time.

How it’s going to work…

Each week, our team of musicians will release a variety of online music content for Carers to engage with. This could be videos exploring different styles of music, live stream sessions with songs to learn at home, online ukulele tutorials, interactive song writing sessions or more relaxed sing alongs. The project will use a mixture of online platforms such as YouTube and Facebook, as well as video call software such as Zoom. Carers can get involved with as much or as little of the above as they would like, but we’re hoping to share something that will appeal to everyone! Content will be shared from Monday 20th April onwards, with welcome videos from the musicians already out.

How Carers can get involved…

If they’re on Facebook, the best way to get stuck in is to like our Facebook page and request to join the MyMusic Northamptonshire Online Facebook group.

This group is a private group just for female Carers who want to be involved in the online project, and all the links to YouTube videos, online sessions and any song lyrics will be posted here. It’s also a space for Carers to chat, comment and connect with other Carers in the project!

If they’re not on Facebook, they can send an email to and be added to the MyMusic Online mailing list – all the content will be sent out via email too.

Later in 2020, we’re really hoping that the music groups can get back up and running as planned, but in the meantime I hope this makes a difference to some Carers!

Jess Hollingshurst
Carers Music Coordinator
Northamptonshire Carers


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