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1 March 2022

Music for All

Music for All is dedicated to helping people of all ages and social backgrounds get involved in the amazing world of music making. Established for over 20 years, Music for All knows making music changes lives and can help physical and mental well-being.

With a 21% decrease in state school music provision in the past 5 years and a drop in community support, there are a decreasing number of opportunities to access music making. In addition many find the cost of instruments and lessons well beyond their limited resources.

That’s why Music for All’s key aims are to:

  • Promote the life-changing benefits of music making.
  • Make grants available to address the musical needs of community music groups and educational organisations
  • Donate instruments to individuals and support instrument purchase and music tuition
  • Bring free ‘Learn to Play’ experiences to a wide audience across the UK

We have just opened our first round of funding for 2022. This round of funding is for community projects and closes April 1st.

If you are an individual looking for a music grant then please revisit our website in April for our next round of funding.

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