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6 May 2020

Making the government’s COVID-19 support schemes work better for charities

When the government launched its covid-19 business support measures last month, it quickly became apparent that many of the schemes – despite being open to charities – included design features that would restrict the ability of charities to access the financial support they desperately needed.

The need to address these challenges became even more urgent following the chancellor’s announcement of the £750m charity support package. This amount, although welcome, will not be enough to prevent good charities around the country from closing their doors. Even many that survive will look very different in a few months’ time, with a severely reduced capacity to provide the support that people rely on. In recent weeks, NCVO has been working with the Charity Finance Group and Charity Tax Group to think about how the various support schemes can be made to work better for charities.

The latest blog from NCVO includes an update on each scheme, including the recommendations we’ve put to government officials, and the positive changes that government has responded with so far.

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