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4 January 2021

Launch of Towcester Community Food

Towcester Community Fridge & Towcester Community Larder will be collaborating in 2021 as ‘Towcester Community Food’.

We have been massively encouraged by all the feedback and positive response from the community over the past few months and look forward to this exciting development. To continue to provide and grow our services, we will be registering as a charity and we will be running lots of fun fundraising activities in 2021 so please watch this space!

Since opening the Community Fridge in September 2020, the community support has been overwhelming and extremely positive. Support from local businesses (Meridian On-Site at Hello Fresh Banbury) and Towcester supermarkets (Tesco, Aldi, Waitrose and the Co-op) has been nothing short of fantastic, providing them with trollies full of items that would have otherwise gone to landfill. Due to this amazing support the Fridge need to move to a larger space with easier access for food deliveries and visitors. Therefore their new ‘home’ in 2021 will be the Towcester Town Football Supporters Club (TTFSC) on Islington Road.

The planned opening date at TTFSC is 1st February 2021 but until then the Fridge will continue to see you in their current home above renew.

The Community Larder, that provided weekly FREE food boxes during lockdown and in the run up to Christmas (courtesy of SOFEA), will continue to operate from the TTFSC.

A special mention must go to ALL our volunteers for their support and generosity in making the Community Fridge & Larder a fabulous service to Towcester & the surrounding area. Without you these projects would not have flourished so quickly and successfully.

TOWCESTER COMMUNITY FOOD will be available to EVERYONE with the main ethos being to REDUCE FOOD WASTE.

We hope to continue to work with Towcester Foodbank, Cooking Good & other local community partners to nurture the wonderful spirit that is present in Towcester and the surrounding area.

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