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11 July 2018

Justice and Equality Fund – Advice and Support

The Justice and Equality Fund (JEF) aims to bring an end to the culture of harassment, abuse and impunity by resourcing an expert network of advice, support and advocacy organisations and projects.

Inspired by the campaigners of #metoo, TIME’s UP, Ni Nunca Mas, the #lifeinleggings movements and others, a group of UK-based women from the entertainment industry have come together to challenge the culture that permits people in positions of power to sexually harass and abuse others. Funding for the JEF comes from donations from individuals.

The Justice and Equality Fund (the JEF) aims to make workplaces and other contexts just, safe and equitable for all and ensure that anyone who has been subjected to harassment and abuse, including sexual violence at work, is better able to access support and justice.

The JEF is hosted and administered by Rosa – the only UK-wide fund for women and girls. Rosa is a well-established and respected grant-making organisation which mobilises resources for women’s empowerment.

Within the Justice and Equality Fund there are three programmes:

  • Advice and Support – information provided in this report
  • Now’s the Time – information provided in a separate report
  • Changing the Conversation – information provided in a separate report

The deadline for Round 1 applications is 30 July 2018 with awards announced in early October 2018.

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