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25 June 2018

Government Creates National ‘Windrush Day’ and Support Fund

The Government has announced a national ‘Windrush Day’ will take place on 22 June every year to celebrate the contribution of the

The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government has established a national Windrush Day which will be backed by a £500,000 fund.

Communities Minister Lord Bourne has announced that a national Windrush Day backed by new Government funding will take place on 22 June every year, encouraging communities across the country to celebrate the contribution of the Windrush Generation and their descendants.

The event will be overseen by a body of British Caribbean representatives and a Windrush Day grant of up to £500,000 will be available each year to charities and communities who wish to hold commemorative and educational events.

On 22 June 1948, the Empire Windrush landed at Tilbury Docks, Essex with 492 passengers from the Caribbean. The Government acknowledges the Windrush Generation has made a ‘huge contribution to rebuilding’ Britain following World War II and ‘their settlement and their descendants have continued to enrich social, economic, political and religious life’.

Communities Minister Lord Bourne said:

“A Windrush Day will allow communities up and down the country to recognise and honour the enormous contribution of those who stepped ashore at Tilbury Docks 70 years ago. It will keep their legacy alive for future generations, ensuring that we all celebrate the diversity of Britain’s history.”

Details of the fund will be provided when the information is published.

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