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18 February 2019

Funding for Innovative Projects to Tackle Plastic Pollution in the UK

This one-off £1 million grant fund is accepting applications until 24 February.

Waitrose & Partners, working in partnership with the environmental charity Hubbub, is looking to support a small number of projects over one year starting in April 2019.

Grants of between £150,000 and £300,000 will be awarded to projects that can show they will have a significant measurable impact on plastic pollution and a clear legacy.

Projects need to address one of the following challenge areas:

  • Plastics in the community – projects encouraging and enabling plastic recycling and the circular economy linked to social impact.
  • Education – campaigns aimed at children and young people to raise awareness and change behaviour to reduce plastic pollution.
  • Public behaviour change – projects which focus on inspiring and enabling new ways of shopping and living sustainably.
  • Food, agriculture and farming – Focusing on finding alternatives, reducing use, and increasing reuse of plastics in the food, agriculture and farming industries as well as tackling food waste.
  • Microplastics – Projects aimed at identifying the impact, reducing the prevalence and preventing microplastic pollution.

The grant funding is for discrete projects or specific project activity rather than contributing to an organisation’s core costs.

Collaborative applications from a range of partners will be welcomed but the lead application must be a registered body and be one of the following:

  • Charity
  • Academic Body
  • Community Interest Company
  • Social Enterprise with a clear charitable mission
  • Schools and Colleges

The deadline for applications is 24 February 2019 (23:59).

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