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8 June 2020

Funding for Housing Related Charities and Projects

Funding to support housing projects working to strengthen local communities and support the most vulnerable.

Grants of between £10,000 and £50,000 will support local housing projects that will strengthen local communities to support the most vulnerable by:

Preventing people from losing their home.

  • Helping people into a home.
  • Supporting people to thrive within the home environment.

Projects that help charities get back on their feet after the impact of coronavirus/COVID-19 will be favoured this year.

The funding will support the following:

  • Core costs (up to 20% of the grant amount requested) including running and facility costs, office equipment, supplies, any travel and accommodation, printing.
  • Staff and volunteer costs for the project lead partner – including full-time staff, part-time staff, project delivery staff costs and other related expenses. All staff must be paid at least the Real Living Wage, set by the Living Wage Foundation,
  • Small-scale capital costs – including one-off expenses for equipment, or fixed assets that may have use or benefit beyond the life of the grant (one financial year), such as computer hardware, or items required to deliver a project, such as paint, paintbrushes and gardening equipment.
  • Activity costs – such as catering or insurance, costs that help deliver projects or activities but fall outside of capital, staffing and volunteering costs.
  • Development and capacity building costs – that support organisational sustainability, such as training staff and volunteers, and external consultancy fees.
  • Building works and refurbishment costs – where they are essential to the successful delivery of the project.

The funding period is between one and two years.

UK registered charities, charitable incorporated organisations, Community Land Trusts and housing co-operatives can apply.

The deadline for applications is 31 July 2020.

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