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16 December 2019

European Museum of the Year Award

The European Museum of the Year Award and Council of Europe Museum Prize 2021 Call is open to applications.

The European Museum Forum (EMF) is an independent not-for-profit organisation which is a charitable company registered in the UK, dedicated to promoting innovation in museum practice and encouraging exchange of best practice and ideas across Europe. EMF recognises the value of public engagement of museums and fosters excellence through the following annual awards:

  • The European Museum of the Year Award – For a museum which contributes most directly to attracting audiences and satisfying its visitors with unique atmosphere, imaginative interpretation and presentation, a creative approach to education and social responsibility.
  • Council of Europe Museum Prize – A unique award to a museum which puts particular emphasis on a clearly understandable presentation of a European perspective and of the interplay between local and European identities, working with themes of European relevance and adhering to key values and priorities of democracy, human rights, tolerance and inter-cultural dialogue, of bridging cultures and overcoming social and political borders.
  • The Kenneth Hudson Award – Established in honour of the founder of EMYA, this award goes to a museum, person, project or a group of people who have demonstrated the most unusual, daring and, perhaps, controversial achievement that challenges common perception of the role of museum in the society and carries forward the spirit of Kenneth Hudson.
  • The Silletto Award – Sponsored by the Silletto Foundation, this award is for a museum that has in the past three years demonstrated excellence in involving its local community in planning and developing museum and heritage projects or has attracted outstanding support from its work with volunteers with the goal to enhance the public quality of the museum.
  • The Portimão Museum Prize – Europe’s Most Welcoming Museum – One of people’s deepest intuitions is to know whether they are welcome. The main quality the Prize celebrates is a general, friendly atmosphere of welcome. All elements of the museum – its human qualities and physical environment – contribute to the feeling of welcome, as do events and activities in and around the museum.
  • The Meyvaert Prize for Sustainability – This award goes to a museum which demonstrates an exceptional commitment to sustainability either or both in how it operates and/or how it presents issues of sustainability in its displays and programmes.
  • Special Commendations – A number of special awards will be given to museums that have developed a new and innovative aspect of their service, from which other European museums can learn.

The winners of the European Museum of the Year Award and Silletto Prize are awarded a statuette to display in their museum for one year.

Any new museum or any museum substantially renovated or redeveloped in the past three years can apply. Applications are also accepted from temporary or ‘semi-permanent’ exhibitions. Applicant museums/exhibitions need to be open/completed in time for a judging visit in summer-early autumn 2020, and for a subsequent, unannounced visit.

The deadline for applications is 27 March 2020.

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