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25 March 2020

Esmee Fairbairn Foundation – Food Strand

The Food funding strand is provided by the Esmee Fairbairn Foundation as part of its general grants programme. The Foundation aims to improve the quality of life throughout the UK and takes pride in supporting work that might otherwise be considered difficult to fund.

The aim of the Food strand is to find an alternative system that produces higher quality food in ways that are better for people, the environment and livestock.

The foundation supports projects in the following priority areas:

  • Innovation in alternative approaches: with the aim of increasing supply and demand for food that is produced more sustainably.
  • Food and wellbeing: with the aim of supporting the sharing of new ways of changing people’s food habits – both radical and incremental.
  • Working towards a more coherent food sector: with the aim of enabling organisations from across the spectrum of food interests to work more closely together to address system-wide issues.

The Foundation is in the process of revising its grant making strategy.  Applications under the new strategy will open in May 2020.

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