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22 February 2018

CVS Northamptonshire – Finance Services

CVS Northamptonshire has a range of services for charities and community groups.
If you have gaps in capacity or skills, they can help you.  Outsource from within the sector rather than outside of it.

Payroll Services

  • CVS offer services from producing wage slips through to the comprehensive service where they pay your employees directly and pay HMRC, etc.  They also offer a pension administration service.
  • For more information contact Christine on 01064 627128 –

Accountancy Services

  • From bookkeeping through to preparation of Statutory Accounts.  They can also handle your funds for you.
  • In addition, they can Independently Examine your accounts – a requirement placed on most charities.
  • For more information contact Lorraine on 01064 627128 –


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