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20 March 2019

Curiosity Fund

The £2.5 million Curiosity Fund is provided in partnership between BBC Children in Need and the Wellcome Trust.

Curiosity grants are not about education but about using science as a tool to make wider changes in the lives of children and young people experiencing disadvantage. Projects should encourage young people to be curious about the world around them and inside them, making a positive difference in their lives: building confidence and self-esteem, developing life skills and expanding horizons.

Applicants must be able to explain:

  • The disadvantaged children and young people’s experiences and its affect upon them.
  • How the proposed science activities will improve the lives of those who take part.
  • Why the specific science-based activities planned are well-suited to making such differences.
  • How to identify and measure the differences that could be achieved.

Curiosity aims to make a difference for children and young people by improving access to, engagement with and understanding of science.

The closing date for Round 2 applications is 12 April 2019 (11.59pm). This is the final round for this scheme.

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