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14 December 2020

Cooking Good – What’s it all about? – Volunteer Workshop

Cooking Good is a community cooking project working with the West Northants Food Alliance and delivering cooking skills support and resources to those delivering food aid and those working with the most vulnerable. We have a choice of dates of training for parnter organisations. Please do sign up to one of the dates to receive a link and diary invitation.

Cooking Good aims to equip those in receipt of food aid with the skills and confidence to cook from scratch, make the best of their food budget and reduce waste, so that they can make the most of the food supplied and, in turn, support their own wellbeing. We do this by offering training, support and various resources to those who supply food and/ or come into contact with these clients.

We do this because everyone should have access to the skills to enable them to have a healthy, varied and wholesome diet, including those recieving food aid, those with limited income and/or other challenges.

We look forward to meeting you on this training.  No cooking skills are required!

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