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8 November 2021

Charities Call for More Support to Find Funding

A new report from the Charity Commission highlights the need for greater clarity and support in finding funding.

The latest research from the Charity Commission (published on 28 October) finds that charities would like more guidance on how to find funding.

Focusing on the impact of COVID-19 on the sector, COVID-19 Survey 2021 finds that while nearly a quarter of respondents have already accessed funding support, many more are calling out for further clarity on where to find funds. The report states that:

  • 20% have accessed Local Authority funding, and 14% have used UK Government funding
  • Half (50%) would find more information on financial support helpful and suggest the Charity Commission could do more to help charities find/access it.

Feedback from the report suggests that the loss of income through usual charitable activities, due to COVID-19 restrictions, has increased the importance for external funding and grants in order to maintain long-term success. In particular, over a quarter of charities (26%) wanted funding for digital delivery and 25% of charities were looking for funding for essential or core costs.

However, awareness of and access to a wide variety of funds and funding providers remains a barrier for charities who want better understanding of the financial support available to them.

When posed the question about how the charitable sector could be better support, respondents requested:

  • Better signposting to funding
  • An overview of what grants are available and where to apply for funding
  • A database of funds, including alternative funders (with 41% of charities stating that independent grant funding would be beneficial to them).

The full report can be found here.

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