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4 January 2021

Brackley Area Volunteer Car Service – Christmas report

Leading up to Christmas snvb and Brackley Area Volunteer Car Service (BAVCS) supported the Brackley Elves and in doing so managed to organise and deliver:

  • 500 bags of chocolate coins to all the under 5s in Brackley
  • 78 two course Christmas lunches and afternoons teas to those who were alone on Christmas Day
  • 103 goodie bags to those who were lonely and isolated over Christmas complete with 103 Community Christmas Cards
  • 171 individual letters from Father Christmas
  • 90 presents, stockings and craft packs for local families in need
  • 50 hampers to local care homes and assisted living facilities in Brackley on behalf of local schools

Of the 78 people to receive the Christmas Lunches, Teas and goodie bags, a fair proportion were BAVCS passengers. These meals were very gratefully received, with quite a few tears being shed. One of the Volunteer Drivers paid for the majority of the meals as he wanted to make a positive (and very generous) contribution to the Community.

The feedback from the Community has been overwhelming and SNVB/BAVCS has been a key contributor towards the efforts. Having been unable to transport passengers throughout the year this was a positive way for us to support those within our community.

Although demand for medical transport has been very low, BAVCS has still been able to take vulnerable passengers to their urgent medical appointments which have been in Oxford.

BAVCS were contacted prior to Christmas with requests for transport from passengers who needed their Covid vaccination and these have been covered. The Car Service has also continued with telephone support with the most lonely and vulnerable, particularly over the Christmas break.

With the prospect of another National Lockdown looming the Car Service will revert back to collecting prescriptions and carrying out ESSENTIAL shopping trips for the most vulnerable if necessary.

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