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16 January 2019

Architectural Heritage Fund (AHF) – Project Development

The Architectural Heritage Fund (AHF) is an independent charity that was established to encourage and support the work of organisations dedicated to the preservation and renewal of buildings of architectural and historic significance which have failed to find a viable re-use on the open market.

The Architectural Heritage Fund’s grants are designed to help deliver its overall strategic objectives and outcomes for heritage and communities:

  • Objective One: to support people, communities and organisations to take ownership, to repair and to adapt historic buildings and places for new sustainable uses.
  • Objective Two: to attract more investment for the conservation and sustainable re-use of the UK’s architectural heritage.
  • Objective Three: to inspire the start up and growth of new community enterprises that utilise historic buildings and places for public benefit.
  • Objective Four: to demonstrate the value of a well-managed historic built environment by championing and showcasing the impact of the projects AHF have supported.

The Project Development Grant (PDG) scheme is intended to assist an organisation to cover some of the costs of developing and co-ordinating a project and taking it towards the start of work on site.

The application deadline depends on the amount of funding requested:

  • 11 February 2019 (9am) for grants exceeding £7,500. Applications are considered quarterly.
  • Last day of each calendar month (5pm) for grants of up to £7,500. Decisions within two months.

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