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26 October 2020

Applications to Close Shortly for Funding that Supports Cycling in Local Communities

Not-for-profit organisations in England have until 16 November to apply for funding for local communities to provide affordable and safe places to cycle.

The scheme which was due to close in January 2021 is closing earlier than planned due to ‘phenomenal interest’.

The programme aims to:

  • Encourage more people from a range of different backgrounds regardless of gender, age, ability or ethnicity to engage with cycling in all its forms. There should be more opportunities for people to enjoy riding in an accessible and inclusive environment; focusing especially on provision that responds to the needs of women and girls and people with a disability.
  • Invest in opportunities that connect local communities and address barriers to engaging with cycling. Recognise the wider benefits of riding a bike to enable societal benefits such as community cohesion, reducing social isolation and promoting health and well-being through prevention.
  • Ensure a lasting legacy of active environments that provide high quality and affordable opportunities to engage with cycling now, that will continue to be deliverable in the future.

Both small grants (£1,000 – £50,000) and larger grants (up to £500,00) are available to support a range of projects, such as:

  • New cycling facilities.
  • Improvements to existing cycling facilities, such as lighting, fencing, workshop space or toilets.
  • Learn to ride areas.
  • Combined and co-located schemes with various cycling facility types available.
  • Equipment such as bicycles, specialised bicycles, storage facilities, data-tracking monitors, coaching equipment, etc.
  • Cycling kit and equipment.
  • Training equipment.
  • Cycle storage.
  • Other items that can support innovative solutions to getting more people riding bikes, eg, using technology.

A flexible approach will be taken to facilities and applicants are encouraged to present their own ideas about the specific facilities being planned.

Applications will be accepted from not-for-profit organisations located in England, especially those who ‘really understand’ cycling in their local community.

The deadline for applications is Monday, 16 November 2020.

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