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4 December 2017

AHF Publishes 2018 Deadline for Project Development Grants

The Architectural Heritage Fund (AHF) has published the 2018 deadlines for not-for profit organisations seeking a Project Development Grant.

The Architectural Heritage Fund (AHF) is an independent charity that offers grants to help it deliver its overall strategic objectives and outcomes for heritage and communities.

AHF offers grants of up to £25,000 to registered charities and social enterprises in the UK that need financial assistance to cover some of the costs of developing and co-ordinating a building project and taking it towards the start of work on site.

The grants are intended to support project development costs only and not for on-site capital works. Funding is available for any work that is essential for taking the project forward towards the goal of revitalising an historic building.

Applicants must explain how a particular piece of work or activity will enable this. Examples of eligible costs include:

  • The employment of a project co-ordinator.
  • Fees for consultants to help progress the organisation’s plans.
  • Property valuation by a RICS registered valuer.
  • Fundraising consultants.
  • Business planning consultants.
  • Costs associated with developing a bid to the Heritage Lottery Fund or other capital funders.
  • Costs of community engagement work.
  • Legal costs where this is critical in establishing ownership or the viability of proposed uses or for advice on governance.
  • VAT costs that cannot be reclaimed.
  • Organisation’s overheads/administration costs.
  • Costs associated with converting an existing charity or social enterprise into a Community Benefit Society.

Applicants are generally expected to cover at least 50% of the cost of the work.

The 2018 deadlines for applications requesting more than £5,000 are 16 February, 11 May, 24 August, and 2 November 2018.

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