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10 August 2020

5 things you should know about the Charity Digital Exchange programme and product platform

The Charity Digital Exchange programme and product platform offer donated and discounted technology to charities. This gives eligible UK charities access to major technology companies’ donation programmes, including those from Microsoft, Cisco, Avast and Adobe.

The Charity Digital product platform is your one-stop shop for discounted charity products. This is where you can find information on available products, including those available through the Charity Digital Exchange programme and other offers available directly through other vendors.

As the charity sector looks to recover from the one-two punch of the COVID-19 pandemic and major drop in income during lockdown, more charities than ever before are making the switch to digital. It is important to have the right systems in place to ensure efficient and secure operations.

Charity Digital has outlined five things charities may not know about the Charity Digital Exchange programme and product platform and how they can help the voluntary sector embrace digital technology in their operations and be more efficient.


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