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1 February 2021

2021 Census

The next Census will take place on 21 March 2021 and the answers will determine the funding decisions on public services in constituents areas. These services include doctors’ surgeries, schools, library provision, public transport and special services to support the community.

There will be advertisements on TV and in newspapers shortly,  and towards the end of February a postcard will be delivered to everyone’s home across the County to remind them that the Census is happening.

At the beginning of March, every house will receive an Information Pack in the post. This Pack, which will be in English, will explain how to complete the Census form.

Although the Information Pack will tell everyone what they need to do, they may prefer to contact a trusted person or organisation.  Individuals may well contact Northamptonshire Community Organisations for support.

If any community groups would like to know how to help anyone who contacts them, please get in touch with Gwen Rhys.

Gwen is employed by the Office for National Statistics (ONS).
Gwen’s phone number is 07452 934885.
Gwen’s e mail address is

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