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25 January 2021

£100m Zoo Animals Fund

A fund supporting England’s zoos and aquariums, which need additional support in caring for their animals, remains open for another month.

The Government’s £100 million Zoo Animals Fund is offering grant aid to zoos and aquariums requiring additional support with caring for their animals following a reduction in income caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Licensed zoos and aquariums in England which are facing severe financial difficulties can apply for grants of up to £730,000 to pay for animal welfare related costs and essential maintenance. The scheme also offers grants to support rehoming costs in the event that zoos need to downsize or potentially close.

Grants will be awarded on the basis of need where zoos face a shortfall despite doing everything possible to reduce their costs and raise income. This will include money to pay for veterinary care, medicines and animal feed as well as paying for staffing costs for those directly providing animal care.

The deadline for applications, which has already been extended several times, is currently reported to be 26 February 2021.

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