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IMMIGRATION AND MATRIMONIAL ASSISTANCE IN NORTHAMPTON as well as guidance and support on matters of Benefits, Housing, Contract International Lighthouse CIC is a Community Interest Company based in Northamptonshire with an agenda to provide an accessible, simple and impartial support and guidance to EU members and beyond in their native language. With assistance of our legal colleagues, we are able to offer advice and support for matrimonial and immigration matters based in Northampton. Our expert colleagues are here for you no matter how big or small your concerns. Give our experienced team a call. Whether you need a visa or permanent residency, suffering domestic abuse or considering divorce - we are here to talk you through everything step by step. Our service is a provision of start to finish guidance on topics right through the difficult time of your life with access to a pool of professional and qualified advisers. With the assistance of an English-speaking team of lawyers, accountants, counsellors, matrimonial solicitors, immigration consultants and many more. We are sure to provide you with solutions and legal advice you need. In addition, we also have a team of excellent skilled interpreters who help us provide everyone with top standard legal advice. Whether you’re Russian, Polish, Lithuanian, Latvian or Romanian we will be able to communicate and translate all matters quickly and accurately. Although we deal with a wide range of matters, our specialism lies within immigration and matrimonial issues. Our team based in Northampton are the best around when it comes to matrimonial homes issues. From child custody and access to divorce and cohabitation, our experts will provide you with the best advice in Northamptonshire. Further to this we can offer services and legal guidance on annulment, civil partnerships and cohabitation agreements. Don’t leave the issue to fester and give our team a call now.

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