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WE PROVIDE EXPERT INFORMATION ON PARKINSON'S We provide expert information on every aspect of Parkinson's so that people affected by the condition can stay in control of their lives. WE INFLUENCE AND FUND GROUNDBREAKING RESEARCH We lead, influence and fund research to ensure new and better treatments in years, rather than decades. WE OFFER SUPPORT AND PROMOTE OPPORTUNITIES TO LIVE LIFE TO THE FULL We offer friendship, support and opportunities to everyone with Parkinson's, their families and carers. Our local networks allow people to meet others affected by the condition and get involved in local social and therapeutic activities. Our online discussion forum offers the opportunity to share experiences with other people online. WE CAMPAIGN AND INFLUENCE We raise awareness, change perceptions and work in partnership to drive better services. We campaign to make sure people living with Parkinson's are treated fairly and have access to the support they need. WE FUNDRAISE TO FIND A CURE AND IMPROVE LIFE

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