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ERTA is looking for one Project Officer to coordinate or head up the campaign/project to re-open the old Northampton – Market Harborough railway which had closed over 50 years ago.


ERTA supports re-opening that line in full for passenger and freight use:

1.     10, 000 houses at Brixworth means 30, 000 extra daily vehicle movements in normal times on the A508 which already has congestion. A rail choice is needed to check and balance development with environmental sustainability.

2.     The rail link could offer a direct passenger service by rail between Northampton and Leicester(and beyond).

3.     The track-bed in places could be expanded and accommodate preservation railway interests and cycle/leisure interests as well as itself - the railway- being a green transport option.

4.     A new north-west curve at the Northampton end would enable freight from Leicester and beyond to access DIRFT off the Northampton Loop.

These are just some of the reasons we believe the rail link should be supported and pursued. A study was done which showed positive, but has stalled because of NIMBYISM and local Rail Minister Chris Heaton Harris MP is not supporting it. The line and could do a lot to reduce congestion and pollution along the eastern flank of the M1 corridor, give more positive choices and options to employment and leisure access for all.

The volunteer could: join ERTA and give us your support:

                                  join our free e-mail loop:

                                  join in our Zoom Meetings



The volunteer is expected to be involved with the following


·         Design PowerPoint talks and promotes support throughout the relevant adjacent road corridors and wider areas

·         Make the case for reopening and draw Parishes, District/Borough Councils and other agencies to it

·         Trackbed watch: lodge and orchestrate using the ERTA Membership and wider public interest make objections to threats to the trackbed/route of the railway.

·         Grow a team and allocate/delegate tasks and be responsible for them

·         recruit members to ERTA

·         Seek and man stalls promoting the reopening, promote it generally using creative means e.g. displays.

·         convene meetings and market them

·         Raise your own funding. If a member, limited funds may be drawn down as budgets enable – see Simon Barber for what is reasonable in budgeting and allocation terms.

·         Design attractive leaflets and distribute throughout the relevant adjacent road corridors and wider areas.

·         Lead delegated meetings to key people and places to negotiate support, resources, time and input to advance the scheme.




Disclaimer: You only need to do some of these things depending on time and talent with a 3 month trial period



a. Able to relate with people of all dispositions and attributes

b. Able to team build and find people and assign/negotiate roles/briefs and responsibilities

c. Able to agree on the goal and break down what needs to be done into manageable units

d. Leadership, Organising, Talking to others, Listening


No additional details recorded for this opportunity.


This opportunity is available Countywide.

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