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Men into Extra Time

Men into Extra Time is a new project run by snvb in conjunction with Brackley Town Football Club to develop ways of reducing social isolation and loneliness in older men.  Both these are major contributory factors to poor physical and mental health.   Funding for the first year of the scheme has been obtained from the Community Lottery Fund.

The Mental Health Foundation (2015) found that for men over 65, on average, 22% were affected by depression.   Independent Age found that the number of older men living alone in the UK is expected to rise from 911,000 to 1.5 million by 2030.  The Mid 2020 ONS population data for Brackley showed there were 1,135 men over 65 in the area.  Age UK publish an index of risk of loneliness for Local Authority Areas and parts of Brackley are in the top 20% highest risk of loneliness in the country.

Older men can suffer from loneliness and isolation as a result of many different life events, such as; divorce, bereavement, becoming a carer or job loss.  This can lead into a vicious circle where increased stress results in decreased resilience and poorer health that increases withdrawal.  Men into Extra Time is a project designed to help people reconnect with their community and improve their sense of self-worth.

The project is focused initially in Brackley and the surrounding area and will be run in conjunction with Brackley Town Football Club.

Working with the participants, various activities will be trialled to support older men including social meetings, sports opportunities, cultural visits, ways to learn new skills or provide openings to volunteer in various ways.

This is an exciting opportunity that will allow community bodies to refer those that may benefit from the project and encourage participants to be guided to local support organisations, if appropriate.

Peter Rawlinson has been appointed to deliver the project on behalf of snvb.  Peter has lived in Brackley for 15 years.  For the last 10 years he was a South Northamptonshire District Councillor and for 6 years, their finance portfolio holder.  Please do email him at for further information.



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