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10 July 2023

Volunteers save over 10 tonnes of food from going to waste after British Grand Prix

The 2023 British Grand Prix at Silverstone had a total of over 400,000 visitors over 4 days.

Katie Steele, coordinator from the Towcester snvb Community Larder, has been working with the management at the circuit for several weeks, making plans to rescue as much of the food surplus as possible.

Over 40 snvb Larder volunteers worked over the weekend to collect and distribute the over TEN TONNES of food left over.

A Pop-up Larder was held at Towcester Town Football Supporters Club on Sunday evening to distribute the food, mainly perishable items, to the local community for free. More Pop-up larders were held on Monday at Towcester and Roade to clear the massive amount of food that was rescued. Over 600 people attended the larders over 2 days.

Collection was still being carried out on Monday and final figures for the amount of food recovered will be reported later in the week.

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