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6 July 2022

Funding to Promote Opportunities for Youth Leadership

A new programme of grants to support disadvantaged young people in England.

Blagrave Charitable Trust has announced the opening of its Listening Fund’s Advisers’ Fund. Named as such because it is led by a panel of ten young people advisers, the Fund aims to create new opportunities for young people and ensure their expertise is utilised in leadership positions.

With a total funding pot of £500,000, grants of up to £40,000 over two years are available.

Youth-focused charities and non-profit organisations that are supporting young people (aged 10 to 30) in England may apply, providing they have an annual turnover of between £200,000 and £2 million.

Activities should:

  • Meaningfully involve young people.
  • Improve organisations’ accountability to young people they seek to serve.
  • Focus on young people who have experienced young people top bring their expertise into leadership roles.
  • Explore new leadership approaches which are grounded in young people’s interests and strengths.
  • Centre creativity and joy.
  • Create ideas, opportunities and learning which have the potential to influence beyond a small cohort of young people.
  • Have potential for longer-term impact.

Grants will generally be for specific projects, unless the organisation’s mission aligns with that of the Fund, in which case unrestricted funding may be considered.

The deadline to apply is 6pm on 28 July 2022.

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