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22 November 2021

Emergency Funding for Christian Charities Supporting Afghan Resettlement

Christian churches and charities helping to resettle Afghan evacuees in the UK have until mid-December 2021 to apply for emergency support.

Grants are available for Christian churches and charities to help address the ongoing Afghan evacuee crisis and cover costs associated with resettlement during a time when the economic and resource effects of the pandemic are still being felt.

AllChurches Trust is offering support to Christian organisations that have both the reach and capacity to aid in the resettlement of over 20,000 Afghan evacuees, along with family members, who have fled Afghanistan following the Taliban occupation of Kabul. Many evacuees have arrived without adequate clothing or basic possessions, such as bedding, food, or clothing, and might be separated from extended family members who are still in Afghanistan.

There is no set minimum or maximum grant. Funding is at the discretion of the Trust and can be used to cover costs associated with resettling Afghan evacuees, including:

  • Personal items, such as clothing, mobile phones, food, or baby items.
  • Home items such as furniture.
  • Language support, such as English classes and translation services.
  • Integrating and resettling, such as drop-in sessions, welcome parties, UK life courses, or befriending programmes.
  • Expenses for volunteers/facilities, such as rental costs, training, or DBS checks.

The deadline for applications is 15 December 2021.

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