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2 August 2021

Canoe Foundation

The Canoe Foundation provides grants of £2,000 to £20,000 to clubs and community groups across the UK with an active interest in widening participation in canoeing.

The Foundation has defined its current purpose as “To support all to enjoy and benefit from the experience of paddling on our water in a sustainable manner.” This is achieved through facilitating suitable launching/landing points to water, promoting and supporting the conservation of waterways, rivers and oceans, and providing opportunities for a diverse community to enjoy canoeing with improving facilities.

Your project could include:

  • Building new or improving launching points
  • Promoting access points with signage or maps
  • Incorporating better accessibility or facilities at waterside locations including improving parking, transport arrangements or changing aspects of a site
  • Improving the quality of waterways and oceans

Applications to the Canoe Foundation should be made via their online form.

Applications are reviewed by the Trustees on a quarterly basis.

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