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School of Life

The next three years will see a set of exciting opportunities across the county of Northamptonshire

Thanks again to the Big Lottery Fund for supporting and recognising the projects previous successes.

School of life is a unique project which celebrates the skills, knowledge and experiences of all generations by engaging them in a wide range of activities that are new, fun and above all enjoyable.

The aim is to

  • Challenge stereotypes about young and older people
  • Create fabulous opportunities for exchanging skills
  • Create new networks and friendships
  • Encourage social inclusion and reduce isolation
  • Support groups to set up their own intergenerational projects

Activities that have proved to be a success in previous years such as fishing, cookery, arts and crafts, are just the tip of the iceberg. We are looking for many new ideas in addition to these favourites!

SNVB is working in partnership with Nene Valley Community Action and Voluntary Impact Northamptonshire to deliver the school of life project across large areas of the county.

Recently 3 School of life staff have been appointed to drive the projects forward in their respective areas one full time and two part time.

Pictured are:

The project is poised and ready to make an impact across South Northamptonshire with the support of previous volunteers, partners and participants. 


Up and coming School of Life intergenerational activities summer 2016


Due to popular demand Knit & Natter sessions have resumed for the spring and summer months.  The group will be meeting on a regular basis here in Towcester.  

Come and join us; we are a friendly group open to all abilities.

We will be meeting at Costa Coffee from 10am – 12.15pm on 9th June, 23rd June, 7th July, and 21st July 2016.

A very special street party in Yardley Gobion 12th June 2016 (Invitation Only)

Yardley Gobion links with School of Life through a Memory books project.

Nonagenarians living in the village are meeting local cubs and their leader to talk about the experiences and changes they have seen during their lifetime and in the reign of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth ll.

Using the information gleaned from their discussions, memory books will be produced by the cubs and adult volunteers in workshops.  These will be presented to the nonagenarians at the street party on June 12th. A further three books will be presented to the village of Yardley Gobion, Towcester library, and Her Majesty the Queen.

Towcester Church of England Primary School.

The school is celebrating the 90th birthday of the Queen this term.  All pupils and staff of the school will be researching the decades of the Queen’s life.  Pupils will learn a song, a game, research clothes worn from the 30’s to present day and will be preparing an outfit at home to be worn on the day of a party hosted by the school. This will take place on the 17th June.

Other activities during the months of May/June

Stoke Bruerne Primary School will be celebrating the Queen’s birthday in May. Children, staff and adult residents will be working with SoL and Animation Station to produce a film celebrating the decades of the Queen’s life.  This will take place over two days. The children will be involved in all elements from interviewing the adults to producing the film. This will be showcased at a special viewing.

School of Life Birthday

SoL will be celebrating its first year with a countywide event at Stanwick Lakes on the 6th July. This full day event will see young people and adults who have participated in School of Life activities since August 2015 brought together for a full day of organised team activities. 

This summer School of Life is pleased to be supporting some of the SPLAT holiday activities managed and operated by South Northamptonshire Council Sports Development team.  Village family fun days will be taking place across the district during the summer holidays.

We would welcome ideas for new activities.

If you have a hobby or a specific interest please get in touch, or if you like what you have read and want to be involved or know more please contact Karen Bricknell 01327 358264, mobile 07857 313 051, email







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